Quebec. Surveyed in 1865-6 under the direction of Lieut. H.S. Sitwell R.E. and under the superintendence of Lieut. Col. W.F. Drummond Jervois, R.E.C.B. Deputy Director of Works (Fortifications). Zincographed at the Ordnance Survey Office Southampton, Colonel Sir Henry James, R.E. F.R.S. &c Director. 1867. Considerable additions have been made to this plan in the head Quarter Royal Engineer Office, Montreal, during the year 1868. Charles R. Ford, Colonel, C.R. Engineer. 3 May 1869. Addition &c made to this plan from survys on the ground and other sources by order of the Commandg Royal Engineer in Canada during the year 1868 by the undersigned Charles Walkem, Surveyor & Draftsman. [cartographic material]

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